Who we are

Hi! We're 247 - you may know us from our popular event ticket and discovery platform 247tickets.com. If you cast your memory back to 2017, you may remember 247cinema. We were the very first (and only) company to make it easier for expats and visitors to China to book cinema tickets by providing all information in English.

Why did we go away? We get asked this question very frequently from previous 247cinema users. We rely on a connection with a cinema ticket provider here in China. As you can probably imagine, these partners aren’t easy for a non-Chinese company to come by, so when our previous partner went out of business, unfortunately 247cinema went down with them.

Fast forward to today, and our business has done a lot of growing, we finally found a new reliable cinema ticket provider who we trust to work with, and we jumped at the chance to bring back the service that helped thousands of people to buy cinema tickets in China on an easy to use, safe and reliable platform.

This is the first iteration of a new platform - please let us know if you find any issues, and we'll keep improving thanks to your feedback! If you have any questions at all just head to our support centre or contact us


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