Buying guide and our T & C’s


You do not receive physical tickets. After payment has been accepted you will receive a text message and email with your unique purchase code. You need to enter that code in the machine at the cinema or simply show the code to the person at the counter. Your ticket will then be printed out.


You will be charged in RMB. Your bank may charge additional fees which we have no control over.


Paypal may charge their own fees which we have no control over.

Purchase information

1. Select the seats you would like to reserve. Click it once to book, click it again if you wish to cancel.

2. You can book up to 4 seats per order. Couples seats are counted as 2 tickets.

3. When choosing your seats, please try not to leave single seats.

4. Please be aware that some 3D films require a deposit for the 3D glasses.

5. Once you enter the payment page you will have 10 minutes to complete your order. After this time the system will release the seats you've chosen.

6. Once you have completed your order successfully and received your ticket code, you will not be able to get any kind of refund.

7. If your payment was successful but you haven’t received your ticketing information check your user center on the site or contact us on 021-5456-2471.

8. No refunds will be given for incorrectly purchased tickets. We also cannot swap your tickets for any others so please make sure you have selected the correct tickets.

9. Once you have ordered successfully, please don't forget your ticketing code which will have been sent to you by text and by email. By using this service you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


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