Part 1 ~ MMW: What's on in July? 01-07-2019

Happy July! The July rain and heat in Shanghai means that it will either be extremely rainy, unbearably hot, or both for most of the month. The only thing left to do is to spend as much time as possible indoors: Hop from mall to mall and hope that you don’t spend more than 2 minutes exposed to outside air T_T. However, you can only spend so much time shopping, so why not head down to the theatre instead? Hot and humid summer days are the perfect time for movies! Sitting in the theatre, having a cold drink in a dry air-conditioned room, while escaping the summer heat and rain and enjoying a good movie – sounds really good right now huh? We have compiled a list of exciting movies you’ll definitely want to watch this coming month, so check them out! 


On Now

These are already being shown at the cinemas! Get your tickets now!


Spider-Man: Far From Home

Following the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, Peter Parker goes on a school trip to Europe and has to battle new evil powers overseas. The film features Tom Holland as Peter Parker, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, as well as Jake Gyllenhaal who performs the live-action debut of super villain Mysterio / Quentin Beck. Been missing Marvel movies since the last Avengers movie? Make sure you head down the cinema to see this one because it does not disappoint!


Toy Story 4

A new toy called “Forky” joins Woody and the gang, and the toy friends must find new meaning in life as everyone gets older. The film features the old voice cast with new additions such as Tony Hale as Forky, Keanu Reeves as Duke Kaboom, and Jordan Peele as Bunny. This legendary fourth sequel is worth watching just as much as all the other movies from the franchise, and that’s saying a lot!


Last Chance!

Both movies will become unavailable before July 5, 2019, so make sure you seize this very last opportunity to see them in theaters this summer now! Some movies become unavailable as early as July 1 depending on the city, check as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Pokémon Detective Pikachu

An intelligible Pikachu collaborates with Tim the human to solve the mystery of Tim’s father. Starring Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu and Justice Smith as Tim, this movie will bring tears to your eyes from laughing. One for all the OG Pokémon fans out there, don’t miss it in the theatres!

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

After a space mission goes wrong, the incredible powers of the legendary Phoenix take a dark turn as the X-Men must face the choice between saving a team member or all of humanity. X-Men: Dark Phoenix returns for a final installation of the X-Men series, featuring action packed  performances from James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sophie Turner. Grab your family and friends and come down to the cinema!

To be continued... 


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